Titanium Plate & Flat Bar

Titanium Plate & Flat Bar

Titanium and its alloys have attractive engineering properties. They are about 40% lighter than Steel and 60% heavier than Aluminum with a density of .163 lbs/in. The combination of moderate weight and high strength gives Titanium alloys the highest strength to weight ratios of any structural metal.

Titanium is used in diverse applications - from aircraft parts to surgical implants, and as hardware for marine and chemical equipment - wherever high strength to weight ratios, high temperature stability and good corrosion resistance to salt water and chemicals is required.

Titanium and its alloys have flat stress strain curves, and when properly machined, can produce an excellent surface finish due to its unique chip formation characteristics. For best results, re-sharpen tools frequently; use proper tool angles and adequate coolants, directed closely to the point of contact. Slow speeds and heavy feeds are recommended.

Commercially Pure (CP) Grade 2 is 99% Titanium, alloyed with minimal contents (0.20% or less of each) of iron, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, and less than 0.4% residual elements.


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